Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Season 1 & 2)

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Season 1 & 2)
IMDB Info:
Release Date: 2007
Duration: 24 min per episode
Genre: Animation, Action, Drama
Category: 720p, Anime, Japanese, TV Series
Cast: Paula Lindberg, Lee Tockar, Brad Swaile
Quality: BrRip 720p
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Size: 3.1 GB (Season 1) | 3.3 GB (Season 2)

In the distant future, mankind has used up all of its fossil fuels, forcing them to turn to Solar Power as an alternate energy source. As a result, this causes a rift to form between richer and poorer nations, eventually leading to war. In the midst of this conflict, a mysterious military group known as “Celestial Being” aims to use force to bring peace to the world, by using special humanoid weapons known as Gundams.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S1 Episode 01 All Bagus com

Download 720p (Season 1)
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S1.Ep.01-25.part1.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S1.Ep.01-25.part2.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S1.Ep.01-25.part3.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S1.Ep.01-25.part4.rar – 196.0 MB

Download 720p (Season 2)
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S2.Ep.01-25.part1.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S2.Ep.01-25.part2.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S2.Ep.01-25.part3.rar – 1024.0 MB
Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.S2.Ep.01-25.part4.rar – 298.5 MB


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