Our Gap Soon (2016) [COMPLETE]

Title: Our Gap Soon / 우리 갑순이 (2016)
Info: http://asianwiki.com/Our_Gab-Soon
Release Date: August 27 2016
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Category: 540p, HDTV, Korean, TV Series
Quality: HDTV,540p
Source: FKDS
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Size: 350 MB Per Episode

Heo Gap Dol (Song Jae Rim) is an unemployed college graduate who has been trying to pass the civil service exam for years. His longtime girlfriend Shin Gap Soon (Kim So Eun) supports him by doing several part-time jobs in the hope of him finally passing the exam and proposing to her.

Episode 01.part.01|Episode 01.part.02
Episode 02.part.01|Episode 02.part.02
Episode 03.part.01|Episode 03.part.02
Episode 04.part.01|Episode 04.part.02
Episode 05.part.01|Episode 05.part.02
Episode 06.part.01|Episode 06.part.02
Episode 07.part.01|Episode 07.part.02
Episode 08.part.01|Episode 08.part.02
Episode 09.part.01|Episode 09.part.02
Episode 10.part.01|Episode 10.part.02
Episode 11.part.01|Episode 11.part.02
Episode 12.part.01|Episode 12.part.02
Episode 13.part.01|Episode 13.part.02
Episode 14.part.01|Episode 14.part.02
Episode 15.part.01|Episode 15.part.02
Episode 16.part.01|Episode 16.part.02
Episode 17.part.01|Episode 17.part.02
Episode 18.part.01|Episode 18.part.02
Episode 19.part.01|Episode 19.part.02
Episode 20.part.01|Episode 20.part.02
Episode 21.part.01|Episode 21.part.02
Episode 22.part.01|Episode 22.part.02
Episode 23.part.01|Episode 23.part.02
Episode 24.part.01|Episode 24.part.02
Episode 25.part.01|Episode 25.part.02
Episode 26.part.01|Episode 26.part.02
Episode 27.part.01|Episode 27.part.02
Episode 28.part.01|Episode 28.part.02
Episode 29.part.01|Episode 29.part.02
Episode 30.part.01|Episode 30.part.02
Episode 31.part.01|Episode 31.part.02
Episode 32.part.01|Episode 32.part.02
Episode 33.part.01|Episode 33.part.02
Episode 34.part.01|Episode 34.part.02
Episode 35.part.01|Episode 35.part.02
Episode 36.part.01|Episode 36.part.02
Episode 37.part.01|Episode 37.part.02
Episode 38.part.01|Episode 38.part.02
Episode 39.part.01|Episode 39.part.02
Episode 40.part.01|Episode 40.part.02
Episode 41.part.01|Episode 41.part.02
Episode 42.part.01|Episode 42.part.02
Episode 43.part.01|Episode 43.part.02
Episode 44.part.01|Episode 44.part.02
Episode 45.part.01|Episode 45.part.02
Episode 46.part.01|Episode 46.part.02
Episode 47.part.01|Episode 47.part.02
Episode 48.part.01|Episode 48.part.02
Episode 49.part.01|Episode 49.part.02
Episode 50.part.01|Episode 50.part.02
Episode 51.part.01|Episode 51.part.02
Episode 52.part.01|Episode 52.part.02
Episode 53.part.01|Episode 53.part.02
Episode 54.part.01|Episode 54.part.02
Episode 55.part.01|Episode 55.part.02
Episode 56.part.01|Episode 56.part.02
Episode 57.part.01|Episode 57.part.02
Episode 58.part.01|Episode 58.part.02
Episode 59.part.01|Episode 59.part.02
Episode 60.part.01|Episode 60.part.02
Episode 61.part.01|Episode 61.part.02


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